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Did you know that up to 72% of drivers in the UK have admitted to multi-tasking whilst at the wheel?

Distracted drivers cause countless road accidents every year, often leading to serious injuries and fatalities.

As can be seen from recent tragedies the effects of these accidents are profound on all parties involved, including families, friends, emergency staff and employers.

Classic Race Simulators, the leading mobile race simulation company in the UK, are proud to offer our new Distracted Driver Simulation package.

Driving a race car around a circuit is tough enough, but try a fast lap around Monaco whilst you open and eat a bag of crisps, wear goggles that simulate alcohol consumption or send a text. Our bespoke software delivers a report for each participant calculating how much their driving performance decreases with each distraction.

We come to your venue or site and invite groups of 10 for each session, which minimizes the time off the job. We can train up to 150 staff per day at a cost of as little as £35 per head.

The health and safety benefits of driver awareness training are clear to both modern businesses and individuals

As a relatively low cost initiative and also an opportunity for team building, our Distracted Driver Simulation package is a fun, novel and exciting way to encourage constructive change in participants’ attitude and behaviour towards driving distractions.

You work hard to build a respected and trustworthy brand, don’t risk it by allowing your employees to be distracted drivers.

Call Classic Race Simulators today for a free no obligation quotation.