Classic Race Simulators Guide to Race SIM Rental

//Classic Race Simulators Guide to Race SIM Rental

Classic Race Simulators Guide to Race SIM Rental

Whilst our main business is catering for Corporate and VIP clients at “high end” events, team building, trade shows and major international meetings we can also hire simulators for fun at your party or works event.

Here are some tips on making sure everybody has a great experience.

How many Simulators do you need:

Our experience of running events tells us that in order for all your guests to enjoy the simulator experience they need a minimum of 10 minutes in the seat.If you take in the time to be shown the controls and a quick familiarisation, each simulator can accommodate 5 or 6 drivers per hour. In a typical 5-hour event each simulator can deliver the experience to 25-30 guests.

Typical 5-hour event

25 – 30 Guests 1 Simulator
50 to 60 Guests 2 Simulators
60 to 80 Guests 3 Simulators
75 to 100 Guests 4 Simulators

What Type of Simulator?

Motion or Static?

Motion simulators are very expensive to hire (from £795 each).
Our professional (World and European Champion) driver gets motion sickness in these simulators. If your guests are enjoy a drink at the event we would strongly advise against hiring motion simulators for obvious reasons.
Static simulators have features such as “force feedback” which give a very realistic feedback on the steering wheel. There is no need for detachable steering wheels.

The Drivers seat

Most simulator hire companies use standard race seats that can accommodate most shapes and sizes.
Classic Race Simulators have both race seats and full size replica 1960’s F1 cars that are beautiful to look at and give a real life –like experience of classic racing.
Be careful of hiring “specialist” seats unless you know a good Osteopath.

Space and Setup

Typically race seats require a space of 2m by 2m each and a power supply.
We can set up and test the event in 90 minutes.


Classic Race Simulators have extensively tested a number of screen configurations. The most realistic experience is provided by a triple “wrap around” configuration that gives the driver a fantastic feeling of speed.
We do not offer a single screen option as you can do this at home on your telly!
Realistically the view from most race car cockpits is very limited.
So massive screens (above 24 Inch) take up too much space and are not representative of the real driver experience. All of our screens are HD 1080p.

Computers and Graphics Cards

This is critical to the performance and experience.
Be very wary of suppliers who do not have the latest high spec computers and graphics cards.


To run at high capacity for 5 hours or more the PC should have a water-cooled processor, should be less than one year old and provided by a reputable supplier. If they are built “in house” they are prone to failure. Make sure your supplier brings along a spare PC in case of failure.
Classic Race Simulator’s PC’s are provided by the UK’s leading quality supplier (Scan) who are suppliers to the Royal household.

Graphics Card.

An “out of date” graphics card will not give you smooth, high quality view.Currently the best graphics card is the Nvidia Ge-force 1070. If your supplier does not use these these find another.

Race Software

Classic Race Simulators have extensively tested all available software on the market. In our, (and most Sim racers opinion) the best available is Rfactor2. The Ferrari Scuderia team uses the professional version for driver training. We have a long-standing partnership with the developer and hold a commercial licence for its use in Europe.

Experienced and well-trained staff

All of our staff are passionate about delivering a great driving experience.
We have delivered our experience at both small and large events (from 30 to 1,200 drivers).
They are trained to be helpful and engaging ensuring the event is efficiently managed for your enjoyment.

Health and Safety

You want to have fun but it has to be safe.
Ask your supplier if all of the equipment has a current PAT safety certification.
A reputable supplier will provide a copy of Public Liability insurance, a Method Statement, Fire Risk Assessment and General Risk Assessment for every event.


Prices based on up to 4 race seats for events within 60 miles of our Farnborough base. All prices excluding VAT.

1 Simulator £350
2 Simulators £425
3 Simulators £525
4 Simulators £600

Includes Leader Board for fastest lap

Please enquire for events requiring up to 20 simulators and hire of our 1960’s F1 replicas

Optional Extras: Please get in touch for more information.

Gold Package:

Race together in up to 20 of our beautiful 1960’s F1 replica sim bodies.
Live timing and telemetry available online during and after the event.
Live TV coverage* of the racing for the spectators on our 2, 50inch 4k screens
All staff in 1960’s Race/Mechanic apparel.

Platinum Package:

Everything in the Gold package plus:
Your branding on the simulators
Branding on the virtual race cars
Your brand on the circuit hoardings, garages etc.
Race commentator
Video of the event and individual races
Crashfest video of the most memorable moments.

*Live TV Coverage

Other suppliers offer “TV style” camera views for spectators. This is a standard package similar to those on home gaming platforms with no flexibility or control. Classic Race Simulators live race coverage is driven by bespoke software developed for us enabling the spectators to see the best action on the track by following the drivers closest together. The software allows us to direct the live coverage for the spectator’s enjoyment.

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