Get your own Classic Race Simulator!

If your lucky enough to have a custom made racing simulator in your home or venue, you’ve come to the right place! With an array of options available, we can custom build any simulator to fit your requirements & specifications. With built in state of the art software & a user friendly setup, this is the elite level of simulator racing.

Classic Race Simulators have been building bespoke classic race simulators for private clients since 2013.

Classic Race Simulators have recently developed a unique offering for classic race fans. We have just completed our latest project to build full size replicas of 1960’s race cars.

These “World Firsts” are hand built with parts manufactured in house to the highest specification.



Hand built:

·         Steel tubular chassis with period correct dimensions

·         Suspension and shock absorbers custom made for each simulator

·         Custom made stainless steel exhaust

·         Fibreglass body

·         Authentic gearshift designed and built in house

·         Heusinkfeld Pro pedals

o   electrically adjustable via toggle switch on dashboard.

·         Direct drive steering (motor MIGE 20nm) with custom built steering shaft

·         Mota-Lita Steering wheel with quick release

·         Authentic gauges

·         New ‘old style’ race wheels 13 inch

·         Period genuine tyres. Used at Historic Grand Prix of Monaco 2016.

·         VR headset and choice of screen options

·         High end PC with latest graphics capability, including license for lifelong commercial use of the simulation and motion base software.

·         Optional:

o   Modular motion base replicating understeer/oversteer, cars hitting you during a race and you bumping into them, every bump in the track, gearshifts, hitting side walls and so on.


This simulator is here to support The Jim Clark Trust, courtesy of Classic Race Simulators.

Use of the simulator is at the discretion of Classic Race Simulators and subject to certain restrictions.

The simulator will be at Bell & Covill, Horsley during January